Ron Sharon

Cybersecurity and Technology Leader

About Ron

My name is Ron Sharon, and I am a Technology Executive and Information Security Leader. Originally from Israel, my love for technology developed from my love of tinkering when I was a small child. My father brought home my family’s first computer when I was only 9 years old. It was a white box with a 286 processor and 8 megabytes of RAM.

At the age of 21, I finished my service with the Israel Defense Forces, or IDF, where I served as an MP, and entered my name into the Diversity Visa Program, which is basically a green card lottery. At 22 years old, I received a letter that informed me that I was one of the 100,000 individuals that won, and just a year later I packed my bags and as much life savings as a 23-year-old could have, then moved to the United States.

My first couple of jobs in the United States actually had nothing to do with IT or security. My first job was packing water pumps from an OEM car parts facility in Huntington Beach, California. For my second job, I worked as a youth counselor for the Israeli Scouts in Irvine, California. It wasn’t until a year after I moved to the United States that a friend hooked me up with my first IT job. It was as an IT manager for a test equipment manufacturing company.

I grew fast, and soon owned my own business. I ran this business for 8 years, providing IT support for businesses around Southern California and in Austin, Texas. I also sold technology equipment to the United States government. In 2016, I became the first Director of IT for iBotta, and in 2018 I became Head of Information Security for Mercer Advisors. I am happily married, with one wonderful daughter.